Product Forms Any Way You Need Them

Our product delivery options focus on methods that we know work, have a long shelf life and are very easy to administer.

Soft Chews

Consumer preferred method of feeding because they are interpreted as a "Functional Treat". A treat that provides a remedy to: Calming, Joint Health, Skin & Coat, Digestive and Training issues.

soft chews


Tablets contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients, so less are required per feeding instruction, depending on the weight of the pet.



Few of our supplement formulations are available in powders: I.E: Allergy Aid, Joint Health & Tear Staining.



Some consumers find these easier to mix with a pet's diet. The bulk of our liquids are for topical use, and training & Yard Care products.

liquid bottle

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Garmon Corp has specialized in pet supplements for over 25 years, offering robust private and white label solutions.

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