Frequently Asked Questions

Order Minimums

For Tablets, liquids & powders are minimum order is 2400 units (200 cases).

For Soft Chews the minimum is a full batch run (approx. 4800 – 7000 units). Units produced will vary based on preferred count size. Production lead times will vary on all soft chew orders.

Stock Formulas

No, they must be 100% “as is” otherwise they become a custom formula.
From the time agreements are signed and you are 100% certain about the products you want (including count sizes and bottle sizes, etc.), with labels PRINTED AND IN-HOUSE, and the deposit received, the usual time is between 8 and 12 weeks. If you take a full batch, it is usually 4 to 6 weeks from the time the finished labels and the deposit are received.
Usual lead time is 8 to 12 weeks, unless full batches, then 4-6 weeks.

Custom Formulas

We are happy to assist with your custom formulations, with the understanding that this is a much longer process and requires the exchange of very specific information. Please note the below additional information:

If your project requires the assistance of a Garmon Corp. formulator, there will be a $1,500 non-refundable fee per product. The fee is charged prior to us scheduling your project for review.

A minimum of two test batches are required per product, with a $1,500 per test batch per SKU fee.

Yes, we require a minimum of two test batches per custom formula. A minimum of two test batches are required per product, with a $1,500 per test batch per SKU fee.

Yes, we will apply up to two test batch fees to your first order.

Yes, but you would be required to source and own the ingredient(s).

No. Please realize that you know your target consumer better than us and by searching your potential competition on the internet, you are best suited to come up with ideas of what unique ingredients you want in your products. While we are happy to discuss unique ingredients and ideas with you, we rely on you to bring to the table what you want and at what inclusion quantities.

  • Soft Chews (stock formula) - 1,000 kg
  • Soft Chews (custom formula) - 2,000 kg
  • Tablets - 350 kg
  • Liquids - 250 gallons
  • Powders - 350 kg

Use this formula example to determine how much a 1,000 kg batch of 2 gr soft chews yields:

1,000kg times 1,000 divided by (gram size of each chew or tablet times and the count you want in each bottle) Example: chew size 2 gram, in a 120 count size bottle will yield approximately 4,166 units.

Depending on the complexity of the formula, and whether or not you have unique ingredients that we do not stock, It usually takes 4-6 weeks to source any ingredients that we do not stock, then it can take between 4-8 weeks to finalize a formula , then 4-6 weeks to test. If the test runs well on the first batch, then soft chews will take a minimum of 90 days to monitor moisture content to be sure chews do not turn hard.

With powders, tablets, or liquids we can move forward and expect 4-6 weeks from the time the labels and the deposit are received.

Custom soft chews: 24-28 weeks (Minimum)

Powders, tablet, liquids at least: 12-16 weeks (Minimum)

NOTE: Any exchange of information regarding custom formulas requires that you sign and return our Garmon Corp. confidentiality agreement.

Packaging Options

Private label quotes include white jar or bottle with white lids only. If another jar or lid color is requested, it is the responsibility of the private label customer to source, purchase and warehouse the custom packaging desired for each product.

NOTE: Before ordering custom packaging please verify that the jar/bottle can be run on our equipment.

Pre-printed bags and preprinted cups are NOT included in any quotes we provide. It is the responsibility of the private label customer to work directly with the packaging vendor to submit necessary artwork, purchase and warehouse this packaging.

NOTE: Before ordering, verify that the bags can be run on our equipment.

No, we do not have the ability to individually box. Most bottles/jars/bags are put into master cases of 12.

We can do powder and tablets in bulk, but not liquids or soft chews.

Stability Testing

Yes, there is a 90 day mandatory stability testing required for all soft chew custom formulas.
No, Palatabilty testing on custom formulas is the responsibility of the private label customer. Garmon Corp DOES NOT conduct palatablity testing for your formula.
If you are using a stock formula in one of our approved packaging options then these have already been tested and proven to be stable for use. If you plan on using a formula with packaging that Garmon Corp does not already use, it is the responsibility of the private label customer to conduct it’s own packaging stability testing, or reqiure that testing from your packaging vendor.

Label Templates

Garmon Corp. will provide label templates for your design portion, and proofing PRIOR to any printing. Be sure to order a 10% overage of labels to cover case labeling and any labeling mishaps. Garmon Corp. provides a label template for every stock product offered in private label. Label templates are updated for each request, and then sent for your design portion. All designed labels must be sent back to us for proofing PRIOR TO ANY PRINTING.

NOTE: Garmon Corp can only provide recommendations to label claims and layout. This will be the only annotated proof with recommendations that we will provide for each label. It is your decision to make the suggested changes. It is ultimately your responsibility to understand and adhere to the regulatory issues that pertain to your product. The states of New Mexico and Texas have some of the most stringent label wording requirements. If in doubt about your label, we strongly suggest submitting the label artwork to the New Mexico or Texas Department of Agriculture for review PRIOR TO ANY LABEL PRINTING. Garmon Corp is NOT responsible for any regulatory issues associated with your labels.

You are welcome to use your own label source, or our preferred label source DPI Direct (contact information below)

  • • Tobin Gault, Account Manager / / c:619-857-4334
  • • Matt Teeter, VP Labels & Packaging / / c:858-705-4337
  • • Laura Leech, Customer Service / / c:858-874-7750 x 5364

If using DPI Direct, we will notify you when your finished labels arrive.

Product Images

Yes, Garmon Corp will provide Hi-Resolution images of your finished product(s) prior to production. Please request this during the label proofing process. A $25 per product image fee will be added to your final invoice.

Label Claims

Currently there is not a definition of “Natural” by the FDA, so we advise against those claims.
We do not stock those ingredients because we feel they are too expensive for what the marketplace will bear. If you want to source, buy and own the ingredients, then we can discuss what those would be and if they will work in place of what we currently stock.
Our FTC attorney recommends against it because over 20% of the ingredients come from multiple countries outside the United States. What has been advised and very defensible should we ever be challenged is: “Made in the U.S. with globally sourced ingredients”.
The NASC seal can only appear on your finished labels if you are an approved NASC member. Although Garmon Corp is a founding member, we cannot use the seal on behalf of private label customers.
You cannot use the term “Veterinarian Formulated” on your label copy for any products Garmon Corp produces for you. You may use the term “Veterinarian Recommended” only if your on-staff Veterinarian or a Veterinarian you have retained as a consultant has reviewed your label and product and has provided you with documentation that you can provide when needed. Garmon Corp will not provide any documentation to you to support this claim.

Expiration Dates

Most ingestible products have a three year shelf life, with the exception of Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics soft chews which has two years. “Best By” dates and lot numbers are stamped on all individual units.

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